Impacted Audience: Non-Marketplace (Third-party stores) users only, and whose system have Windows 10 22H2 or Windows 11 22H2 and later installed, including current Windows Insider Program builds.

Issue: The following issue occurs regardless of the anti-virus software installed (Microsoft Defender or any third-party), and the state of the accompanying real-time protection shields. When running the installation program, the Setup GUI displays an error message, indicating that Microsoft Flight Simulator is not installed, even though it is actually installed on the affected system. The installation program aborts, after dismissing the error message.

Cause: The root cause of the issue subject of this Service Bulletin is at operating system level, with a breaking change on the OS kernel which impacted the access of necessary folders and files from the Application Data folder.

Solution or Workaround: While the installation user experience (UX) is being addressed for the EMB-110 version 2.0 and future products by NextGen Simulations, the only possible solutions are: request the product’s package via email, only in case you are already running Windows 10 22H2 or Windows 11 22H2, without having option to downgrade; or, defer the upgrade to either of the affected OS releases and install the product before upgrading.

Please send an email using the Contact Us form, requesting the current product’s package. Please include the order information within the email body (i.e., store name, order number and email address used at purchase time), as well as the operating system information: Windows 10 or 11 installed edition (Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc.) and OS Build Number in format XXXXX.XX (e.g.: 22621.850). Not including the order information is automatic cause of denial to proceed, as this is part of the measurements to fight against software piracy.