EMB-110 v1.5.1 Released!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all very well!

The communication of today is related to the EMB-110 v1.5.1 update. This update is already available on the Marketplace, and is also being sent to third-party stores. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive this update on SimMarket, Just Flight and Flight One.

Here is what has been addressed in this update:

– Fixed ADF to allow tuning the standby frequency. Thanks to user Paulo Soares for the fix.

– Fixed fuel tanks priority. Thanks to user Tim Wright for the fix.

– Improved aerodynamics and fixed NH gauge readout. Thanks to JayDee for the improvements.

– Added PMS50 GTN750 WTT Mode Compatibility. For this, you must download a separate package which will be available soon on the PMS50’s website.

– Added a preliminary version of the new WASM gauges which will replace the XML ones, as part of the set of improvements to the FPS drop issue.

– Other minor bugfixes.

Your feedback about the WASM gauges is very essential, as this will let us know if we are going in the right direction. For now, the EFB screen is not redone in WASM yet, since I am currently working on the TDSSim’s GTNXi integration, and the purpose is to include that feature as well.

For the Marketplace users, please go to the sim’s Content Manager and perform the update from there. For 3rd-party stores, once the new installer is online, please download the new EXE and install the new version. If you have v1.5.0 installed, it should perform the upgrade. If the upgrade fails, please manually uninstall the old version and install the new one.

Also, stay tuned because I have some teasers of the S340 we are working on, you will love them for sure! They will be available on our social media channels!

Thank you all very much for your continued support.

May God and the Holy Virgin bless you all!

See you in the virtual skies!

Kind regards,

Carlos D. Gonzalez

CEO & Lead Developer

NextGen Simulations