Status Update – Q4 2021

Dear friends,

We have been working very hard the last couple of months on the EMB-110 updates, and now we have ready the first stage of new features, fixes and improvements for you to enjoy in this Christmas season. Following is a summary of what we have been up to here in the company. Please apologies for being absent from social media and for not posting an update for a very long time but rest assured that we are working hard to update our products and develop the new ones we have announced.

Let us begin first with the EMB-110, since it is the main star of this update we post, which, by the way, will jump from version 1.0 to version 1.5, since this is part of the new features and overall improvements we have been working on, including the release of the product to Xbox.

UPDATE: The EMB-110 version 1.5 service release is scheduled to be available for PC and Xbox through the MSFS Marketplace and for PC only through 3rd-party stores (SimMarket, JustFlight and Flight1) today December 16th, 2021 at 6:00PM (US Pacific Standard Time) / December 17th, 2021 at 2:00AM (UTC)

EMB-110 Bandeirante – New Engine Sound-set

The EMB-110 is now ready to receive the new and remastered engine sound-set we have been working on for months; it will be available in the v1.5 update. This sound-set will fully replace the one from the 1.0 release. Thank you all for your feedback on this sound-set, we have positive feedback with these new sounds, after the preview we posted a few months ago. We have learned from the past and after a learning curve with Wwise, this new sound-set demonstrates a significant improvement to the overall experience of the product.

EMB-110 Bandeirante – Pms50’s GTN Native Integration

The EMB-110 is also ready to receive the PMS50’s GTN native integration, after lots of hard work and modifications to code logic and 3D models. Feedback in this feature is also positive, and we thank you all for making this possible. As you could see from our teaser posted a few months ago, we added the bezels that match with the real GTN units in both size and visual fidelity. We are not embedding the GTN pack here, but just interfacing with the GTN pack provided by PMS50. Hence, you MUST have the GTN pack from PMS50 installed on your system to enjoy; this will allow you to install updates to that pack independently and make use of their Premium license as well.

Also, if the aircraft finds the GTN pack installed, it will automatically default to the GTN instead of the GNS when the flight session begins. However, you always have the option to revert to the GNS if you would like to (more on that later).

Now, in this regard, and as soon as this update is released, I will contact to ask for the deletion of the community mod where the GTN was integrated using the GNS bezels from the 1.0 release of the product, and which you must delete to correctly install the update. Now that the EMB-110 natively integrates the GTN with the respective bezels accurately represented, this mod should NOT be available anymore.

EMB-110 Bandeirante – Fixes & Improvements to 3D Models

We have also been working hard on the fixes and improvements to the 3D models. These are: VR mode compatibility (by modifying meshes for compliance as per guidelines from Microsoft and Asobo), fixes for environment in cockpit (where rain, snow or clouds were getting inside the cockpit), the addition of the missing pilots’ avatars, fixes to the “ghost” aircraft in multiplayer mode and a major polygon optimization for the cockpit models. For the latter, we reduced the polygon count from 300,000 to 150,000 without massively sacrificing the overall visual quality and fidelity.

EMB-110 Bandeirante – FPS-drop Issue

For those customers who reported the framerate drop in cockpit view, we have finally found the root of the problem, but the solution is in Asobo’s hands. Our EMB-110 still makes use of FSX-based XML gauges for rendering certain displays on the aircraft, including the EFB tablet screen and the Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI). However, we have found that MSFS still renders XML gauges using the GDI rendering engine (not GDI+, but GDI), so this drawing engine is the root cause of that negative performance impact you were experiencing. Asobo Studio is working hard on the implementation of the NanoVG rendering engine for these gauges. As of the day of posting this status update, NanoVG for XML gauges is experimental on PC, while it is stable on Xbox (more on this platform later).

We tested the product using this mode and the frames increased to almost the same FPS you may encounter in the exterior view. This test was performed using the MSFS’s current Sim Update 7 released back on mid-November 2021. You can check the results for yourself by looking at the screenshots we took.

Now, the temporary solution we have in this regard is to enable the NanoVG debug from the DevMode on PC, but it is recommended NOT to perform it unless you know what you are doing, and at your own risk. Please understand that NanoVG for XML gauges is experimental on PC (as of the day of posting), and that you should report any CTD’s and/or game-frozen issues to MS/Asobo via the MSFS forums and revert to GDI in case the latter occurs. However, we recommend you to patiently wait until Asobo Studio properly integrates this NanoVG engine on the PC release of MSFS. Xbox users should not have this problem, since this engine renders all types of gauges (XML, HTML and WASM), and because GDI is not available on this platform.

EMB-110 Bandeirante – Redesigned EFB Tablet UI & Updated VSI Display

We have also redesigned the User Interface of the EFB tablet featured on the product. This has been re-made to feature an UI that can look like the UI of an app made for a real-life tablet. It features the same ground handling options, but it also features the option to switch between the GPS units (as long as you have the Pms50’s GTN pack installed).

And we also fixed the Vertical Speed Indicator, with the addition of the Selected VS bug inside, so you can check that it matches with the selected VS value on the autopilot.

EMB-110 Bandeirante – Product Documentation, Tutorial Flight & Repaint Kit

We have also updated the product documentation, reflecting the changes and improvements made to the product. This is still included within the product’s package files in the MSFS filesystem since v1.0.3, but we are also making it publicly available after v1.5 release on our main website, via Downloads > Products Documentation. This benefits all customers, especially the Marketplace ones and the Xbox ones, because of the hassles you may experience when searching for the PDF files, even if they were included within the package downloaded from the MSFS’s Marketplace.

Regarding the Tutorial Flight, we are deploying it soon in the form of videos, so that you can watch how to properly operate the aircraft, from Cold & Dark when the flight begins to Engine & Avionics Shutdown when flight ends, including tips on how to operate both GPS units (GNS430/530 & GTN650/750). This series of videos will be uploaded initially on our Instagram page, while we launch our official YouTube & TikTok channels. The Repaint Kit is also being prepared. It will include the master files initially in Photoshop format, but we will update it soon to include the GIMP and (maybe) Paint.NET formats. So that, you can paint your favorite liveries and show your repainting skills to everyone out there!

EMB-110 Bandeirante – Other Features

We are also working on the weather radar and some other features which were requested by all of you. They will be released in the upcoming updates for 2022. More details in those features are coming soon.

EMB-110 Bandeirante – Xbox

We have been working on this topic since August after Sim Update 5 was released. This topic may explain why we have been very delayed with the v1.5 update. After the 3D models optimization, code optimizations and fixes to our XML logic, it is now being processed by Microsoft to publish on the Xbox Marketplace.

EMB-111 Bandeirulha

We began the development of the EMB-111, where the exterior model and textures are being updated to match with its real-life counterpart. Also, we are redoing the cockpit in this variant because it will feature glass cockpit instead of the standard analog gauges, like its civilian sibling. More details in this product are coming soon.

Saab Turboprops

We have officially begun the development of the Saab 340B and 2000, after the project development was halted due to the prioritization of the EMB-110 updates. More details about this new project will come soon, once we have something suitable to be previewed.

Discord Channel & Flight1 Partnership

To conclude with this update, we are preparing our Discord channel for you to join. Once we have it ready to public availability, we will let you know so you can join to the conversation and the community there from day one.

Also, starting from today December 16th, 2021, our product catalog is publicly available via And yes, we are wrapping up to publish the EMB-110 there as well. You can purchase our products from the Flight1’s Agent Mall, which you can download from this page. If you already have the Agent Mall application installed, open it, then go to Change Store and look for NextGen Simulations among the vendors’ list.

Final Words

With this status update, I hope I have clarified the questions and given you a reason to be excited and happy right now. We all recognize that we must improve our way to speed up the updates and development but rest assured that we are doing our best to develop and release both new products and current product updates, considering how fast MSFS is evolving. Every sim update makes our development times to be shifted because of the new features, fixes and (sometimes) breaking changes to the sim and the new pieces of information from the SDK documentation, that must be considered as important guidelines to comply in our MSFS product lineup, especially when publishing the product(s) to the Marketplace.

Thank you very much for your comprehension, your feedback, your patience and your continued support. May these holidays be filled with peace, happiness and joy to you and your loved ones! Merry Christmas to everyone!

May God bless you all! See you in the skies!

Kind regards,

Carlos D. Gonzalez

CEO & Lead Developer

NextGen Simulations