Hello World!

Hello everyone,

On behalf of all NextGen Simulations staff, we would like you to welcome to our brand new website and blog! This is our very first post here!

After months of hard work for bringing a renewal to our brand, we want to bring you a warmful welcome to our public website and blog, and to say thank you very much for your support during the last years, when we started with a very small blog hosted on Blogger (which by the way I will tell you more about it later), by the time this company was publicly established back on 2013.

Today, and despite of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking forward into the future, with an appropiate and professional-looking website, hosted on a custom domain. Do not forget to visit www.nextgensim.com.co, and check out our products catalog and downloads you may find interesting, in order to bring the best flightsimming experience for you!

Stay tuned for more about our development news, not only on our social media channels, but also on this new blog now!

Thank you very much once again for your support!

See you in the skies!

Kind regards,

Carlos D. Gonzalez

CEO & Lead Developer


  1. Nooooossaaaaaaa, até que enfim um Bandeirante decente pro flight simulator!
    Amo de paixão essa aeronave! Meu Deus, melhor noticia do ano!

    Posso ser BETA TEST?
    Já pago antecipado.

    Vai ter a versão igual o da FAB P1K com a porta de carga e a porta de paraquedistas dentro dessa porta de carga?

    Não esqueçam de colocar a ANTENA HF (VARAL DE ROUPA), OK?

    Nossa, mal posso esperar o lançamento.
    Por favor, me coloquem nesse BETA TEST!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback! It means a lot for us!
      Additionally, thank you very much for your interest in being part of the beta-testing program, nevertheless, we are already finishing the tests since the product is going to be released very soon.
      In regards to the variants, we are also fixing bugs on the 110P1 as well, but we did not have any good preview for it yet. Please stay tuned here for more shots of it before release and to when the product is fully released!
      Thanks again!

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