NextGen Simulations‘ Terms & Conditions of Service

Updated March 3rd, 2022

By using this website or any of our software products, you agree to the following terms of service:


You agree NOT to use any of the web pages and/or its services from the NextGen Simulations‘ website in ways they were not intended to.

Purchases, Downloads & Anti-fraud Protection

NextGen Simulations is an open and public site on the Internet. Note that our products are sold by third-parties (also known as resellers), therefore, vendor‘s individual policies will apply for the terms mentioned above.

Returns & Refunds

NOTE: For Microsoft Flight Simulator users, the following conditions regarding refunds are effective only for PC users, and as long as your purchase has been made in third-party stores. All purchases made on the in-sim marketplace (on both PC and Xbox) are non-refundable, as per policies by Microsoft.

First and foremost, NextGen Simulations offers a detailed description of its software. Therefore, it is assumed that you (the buyer) have reviewed your product of choice, meet the recommended system requirements (depending on the flight-simulation platform of choice), and are satisfied with its quality before effecting actual purchase of said product. With knowledge of the above, and since NextGen Simulations‘ products are protected by intellectual property laws, no refund request should be made on such basis. All software is NON-REFUNDABLE.

However, if you previously requested support to resolve your issue to our Technical Support staff and it is unable to get your copy of the software product up and running as expected, because it exhibits any UNEXPECTED AND UNRECOVERABLE error, and as long as you granted us (if necessary) the required permissions to provide us with full access to your target computer, via remote desktop connection software (in order to fully debug the software), you can contact to the third-party store where the product was purchased and explain justifiedly the reason why you are going to request the refund.

Please review the refunds policies of the store where the product was purchased, before you send the refund request.

Technical Support

For eCommerce issues, please refer to the individual policies of our authorized vendors. We have a support system via email and social networks to deal with issues with our website and our products. You can reach support by submitting an email from the Contact Us form. We strongly suggest you to check out the product's documentation before submitting a support email, as most of the issues reported to us have been previously addressed.

For scenarios in which we require to review your issue through a remote desktop software, our Technical Support staff is restricted to exclusively review and modify (if necessary) only our product(s) and any file related to your flight simulator setup, in order to get the product(s) up and running as expected. The Technical Support staff will NEVER go beyond the allowed scope (e.g., find and/or open your personal files, including those containing sensitive information, or similar actions). Additionally, the remote desktop software we use for support is properly configured in such a way we can protect your privacy. If you consider there is an issue when proceeding with remote desktop support, please send an email to the administrative area.

The denial of proceeding with the remote desktop support (in case it is required for your issue to be correctly reviewed, diagnosed and troubleshooted) will be understood as that you do not require our assistance and your support request will end without prior notice.


NextGen Simulations respects and assures absolute reserve to the information of its customers. In order to protect customers‘ information, we have a robust security system to avoid third party interception of any part of the information provided, such as name and email. We NEVER store nor retain credit card information or payment data in our servers, neither our resellers (please refer to their individual terms). This results in a transparent process, totally managed by a professional company like ours.


You can access to our End-User License Agreement terms here.