NextGen Simulations‘ Returns & Refunds Policy

Updated September 10th, 2021

Please review our return policy before purchasing any of the NextGen Simulations‘ software products.


NextGen Simulations offers a detailed description of its software. Therefore, it is assumed that the buyer has reviewed his/her product of choice, meets both the recommended system requirements and target flight-simulation platform requirements, has requested and used a trial version (if available and applicable for the product), and is satisfied with its quality before effecting actual purchase of said product. With knowledge of the above, and because NextGen Simulations‘ products are protected by intellectual property laws, no refund request should be made by the buyer/user on such basis. All software is NON-REFUNDABLE.

We will, of course, nonetheless review the refund requests on defective software. NextGen Simulations guarantees the good quality on all its software products listed on NextGen Simulations‘ official channels, including third-party vendors.

Acceptable Grounds for Issuing a Refund

You are eligible for a refund if you contacted our Technical Support staff to resolve your issue within 30 calendar days, since the day of purchase, and:

  1. If our Technical Support staff is unable to get your copy of the software product up and running as expected, because it exhibits any UNEXPECTED AND UNRECOVERABLE error (including ones that may also exhibit erratic behaviors to your flight-simulation software setup and/or your operating system setup). For this scenario, you will need to provide us with full access to your target computer, via remote desktop connection software, in order to fully debug and install the software.
  2. If the customer purchased a different software product than the one he/she was expecting (also known as wrong purchase), as long as he/she did NOT DOWNLOADED, INSTALLED OR ACTIVATED it yet.
  3. If the customer has mistakenly paid more than once for the same software product. In that scenario, the third-party vendor will refund you the value of the repeated product.

Termination Without Refund

We reserve the right to terminate communications with customers and NOT processing a refund nor giving a prior notice, if you violate our End-User License Agreement, or become verbally abusive to our staff, other users of our site or our associates.

Post-Sale Services Termination

The buyer understands that access to our Support channels, downloads and documentation for the product he/she requested the refund for terminates once the refund is processed.

Refund Processing

All refund requests MUST be made via email by filling out the Contact Us form, with the subject "REFUND REQUEST". There, you MUST explain the reason why you are making such request. Once we review your request and we determine that a refund is necessary, a reply will be sent to you within the next 5 business days.

In the event your request is approved, you MUST uninstall the product (in case it has been installed), delete ANY files that accompany the software from your computer(s), and deactivate the software installations (if applicable). In case of NOT doing so, either because the customer forgot this step or because he/she refuses to perform it, it will be understood that the customer is desisting from the refund process.

Additionally, and because purchases are made through our third-party vendors, you have also to contact to the store and explain the reason why you are going to request the refund. So that, the store can be notified and can subsequently proceed; the rest of the process is responsibility of the store, according to their refunds policy.

Updates to Our Policy

This refund policy can be updated at any time, without prior notice and is applicable immediately and retroactively for all buyers and current customers. It is considered an integral part of our End-User License Agreement and its acceptance is mandatory for all users.

Further Information

For more information about the refund policy, please send an email by filling out the Contact Us form, with the subject "MORE INFO", so we can help you answer the questions you may have.