Citation CJ4X v2 for P3Dx64

Citation CJ4X Version 2 is a simulated replica of the Citation CJ4 (525C), featuring visual and preformance improvements over its first release.

  US$ 28.00   

After hard work and with the success of its first release, NextGen Simulations is proud to present you Citation CJ4X v2 for Prepar3D v4.4+.

Citation CJ4X v2 consists, like its first version, of a simulated replica of the Citation Model 525C and developed for use with Lockheed Martin® PREPAR3D® v4.4 or greater. This product features a Mid-Level systems programming, and it has been simplified as well, to allow you enjoy the simming experience while bringing you a good look-and-feel of this marvelous aircraft. Also, this new release features among other things fixes and improvements over the first release.

This package includes:

  • Two accurate models of the Citation CJ4, differing in its vertical stabilizer shape
  • Frame-rate friendly models while keeping good look-and-feel
  • All development is P3Dv4 SDK-compliant
  • NEW! PBR Texturing
  • Ground service (Cones, Wheel Chocks and GPU)
  • 18 different liveries (plus two in-house liveries)
  • Remastered Paint Kit and refined texture detail
  • NEW! Rain effects in windshield windows (courtesy of A2A Simulations)
  • NEW! Integration with FSLabs’ Spotlights
  • NEW! Custom lights with Dynamic Lighting compliance
  • NEW! Dispatcher app tool that allows you to configure aircraft's weight&balance, (un)install and package liveries, and keep the product up to date
  • NEW! ChasePlane presets included
  • Different Cameras outside and inside the aircraft
  • 2D Cockpit (Main Panel of Pilot and Copilot, plus 8 subpanels including zoomed displays popups, for a total of 13 subpanels), a Mini Panel and a Semi-functional 3D Virtual Cockpit, with 3D Virtual Cabin
  • Custom-coded animations virtually everywhere
  • Flight Management System developed and licensed by Eric Marciano, with extensive use of Flight Simulator GPS database
  • Original replica of Collins ProLine 21 displays
  • Easy-to-use Autopilot
  • Realistic & Authentic Williams FJ44-4A Engine Soundset, plus cockpit sounds (Environment, CAS Aural Warnings, V-speeds Callouts and GPWS Callouts)

System Requirements

NOTE: ONLY for Prepar3D v4.4/4.5 or v5. Setup will check if you have at least this version, otherwise, it will fail.

Please review the recommended System Requirements by clicking here.

Included with the Product

  • Citation CJ4 with two models differing on its vertical stab shape
  • 16 liveries
  • 2 In-house liveries (unpainted and painted)
  • Paintkit in PSD format
  • User Manual PDF
  • Tutorial Flight PDF
  • Checklists PDF
  • Dispatcher Tool app
  • Updater app

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