About NextGen Simulations

NextGen Simulations is a flight-simulation based technology and software development company, dedicated to creation of add-ons and expansion packages especially designed for PC-based flight simulation software such as Microsoft® Flight Simulator® and Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®. Our products are used by individuals, pilots and companies everywhere in the world.

Our mission is to rigorously design, create, and test high-quality, fully functional, professional-style software for personal entertainment purposes, as well as a complement to formal flight training, designed for the most widely used PC-based flight simulation platforms and for use by any flightsimmer, while being capable of recreating a close-to-reality experience, balancing between realism and ease of use. In order to achieve this mission, we are a highly professional staff and we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our goal is to be globally known as the best brand in software developed for use in simulated aviation, while being professionally competitive.

We promote a warmful, collaborative and friendly relationship with our followers, customers, partners, and our people in general.

We take seriously this job, because we always make a research of all available resources for the project in development.

We always make use of engineering expertise when designing, developing and maintaining our products, while taking into account risks and resources. Also, we do our best in an effort to get working a fully-functional product, regardless of your system specifications setup, as long as you meet the minimum system requirements for any of our flight-simulation platforms we support.

We research and keep up to date about advances in flight simulation field and improvements made to the flight simulation platforms we support, as well as using the most recent, state-of-the-art development tools.

For us, feedback is the key to succeed. By listening and taking note of the suggestions from our people, we improve even more the quality of our products and the company per se. Additionally, research is important, especially when striving to implement new features among our products.